ZeroNet Homes Set the Bar for Energy Efficiency

ZeroNet Homes is a one-stop-shopping for Zero Net Energy Homes’ design and construction. The one-stop-shopping approach that we use means that the homeowners can be certain of a coordinated and unified flow of work from design to construction of the building. Please contact us for your Zero Net Energy building construction.

Energy efficiency is woven into the fabric of ZeroNet Home using the world’s most powerful design tools.

By building energy-efficient homes, we make a big impact on how well you live,

and only a little impact on the world you live in.

Smart design keeps USA beautiful

Every ZeroNet Home takes a significant step towards preserving our nation’s rich beauty by using at most, 250 kilowatt-hours per square feet to heat your home over a year, which can be offset by generated power by solar panels.

The result is phenomenal.

Only a quarter of the energy is needed to give you the unprecedented comfort of ZeroNet Home while preserving up to 90 percent more energy and thus, the rich outdoor spaces we all love.

German tested Intelligence for Energy Conservation

It’s not just the Porsches, Mercedes, and BMWs. Germans are the world’s gurus when it comes to engineering energy-efficient homes as well.

They can predict a building’s energy consumption down to plus or minus 0.5kWh. And we can too.

German engineering has been adopted and adeptly woven into ZeroNet Home to infuse your home with 20+ years of German passive house intelligence for energy conservation that is simply undeniable.

Comfort comes first

Although the brain of ZeroNet Home lies in the calculated energy performance, the heart of ZeroNet Home lies in comfort.

They say you can’t measure love, but with ZeroNet Home we use energy science to give you internal temperatures that feel amazing during the summer and winter months and use almost no heating or cooling equipment.

We believe that comfort shouldn’t be a hypothetical idea,
but a physical priority.

Every detail analyzed

Wall and roof framing, framing junctions, and high-conductance window frames are examples of heat-leaking “thermal bridges”, and typical homes are full of them.

Although they’re small pieces in the overall building puzzle, ZeroNet Home doesn’t cut corners on the
road of innovation.

All designs are scrutinized with thermal bridge software during the early stages of development to ensure no
elements of ZeroNet Home will act as a highway for heat transfer and thus, energy loss.

ZeroNet Home works hard, so you can breathe easy

Not only does ZeroNet Home need almost no heat to stay warm, but it is also optimized to capture any heat energy that is trying to escape.

With energy recovery built right in, you can go about your day knowing ZeroNet Home’s ventilation system is silently capturing and reusing 84% of the heat that would otherwise be wasted.

Our energy recovery system works seamlessly with ZeroNet Home’s intelligent construction to enhance your living environment with a constant supply of freshly filtered outside air, optimizing everyday health.