1. Kickstart

You pay to kickstart your project. Together, we develop a floor plan, site plan, and budget. Then, we sign a contract to move

2. Design & Permits

Customization for client’s needs will be defined and implemented. Once the details are indentified and confirmed, we finalize the floor plan and exterior look. We then obtain all the necessary engineering and submit it to the Building Department

3. Manufacture

After obtaining your permit, we manufacture all the components for your house.

4. Construct

After the site is prepared, we deliver the components to your job site and assemble your new home.

5. Completion

When the exterior, structural, and infrastructural systems of the house are complete, our work is done and we hand you the keys!

6. Personalize

It’s time to bring your vision to life! We help you connect with the right partners to complete your interiors.