Today’s Homes are About Convenience, Energy-Saving, and Safety.

ZeroNet Homes Offers all Three Options.



The future has never been this easy to use. ZeroNet’s suite of carefully selected products from trusted brand names are designed to
fit seamlessly into your life. Intuitive app-driven controls from your smart devices allow you to create the experience you want and
the future you deserve.
We are using one top-notch app to control everything for more convenience. It connects seamlessly with all the controlled top
brand devices used in the system.



A smart device that provides both energy efficiency and accurate climate control. Whether you’re out to lunch with friends,
spending a busy day at work or enjoying a family vacation, you can tailor the thermostat’s settings to save energy while you are
Your smart home can do more than just make your daily routine more convenient. As strange as it may seem, few hundred dollars
spent on a fancy connected gadget will save you money in the long run from better heating and cooling to more efficient watering,
these smart home products can help you cut down on your utility bills.


Safety & Security

Late nights, long hours, lonely evenings: No matter the reason, you should always feel safe. With Home Point, you will. A highdefinition
video camera, smoke, and carbon monoxide detection, and Lutron lighting that can be scheduled to turn on at sunset and
off at sunrise.



Devices that can be connected and controlled by the system
• Outdoor Video Cameras
• Indoor Video Cameras
• Stream Video Recorder
• Smart Video Doorbell
• Deadbolt Locks
• Lever Locks
• Image Sensor
• Water & Irrigation
• Wifi Repeaters
• Senior Wellness Devices


Controlling App

One app to control everything. Best-in-class software is seamlessly integrated into the industry’s most advanced hardware systems.
Systems support a wide variety of sensors, as compatible with security panels. Some of the most common types of Sensors include:
• Door & Window
• Fire
• CO
• Glass-Break
• Motion
• Water/Flood


Smart Panel

This award-winning panel connects you to the entire suite of Home Is Connected devices. Enjoy exciting new features with Bluetooth
capability, including touchless front door access. Integrated geofence technology automatically controls temperature and more as
you come and go from your home. The Smart Panel has
• 7” HD touchscreen tablet with a built-in 5 MP Camera with an intuitive graphical swipe-based user interface for security and
smart home control
• Dual-Path and cloud connectivity over LTE and Wi-Fi for intelligent redundancy, reliability, and speed.
• A built-in panel camera to capture disarm photos,
• Z-Wave Plus support for lifestyle devices;
• 2-Way Voice,
• standard 24-hour lithium-ion battery,
• UL-rated siren,
• a built-in Glass Break Detector,
• the ability to view live video cameras on the screen,
• powerful system health diagnostics and over the air software updates.